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Is Astrology Predictive?

I find it rather incredible that the stars seem to reveal the events of our lives. When I check on events of the past in someone’s chart I can clearly see what was happening in the heavens at the time. It reads like a story. The circumstances were set up for certain kinds of events to happen and they DID. It’s far more than coincindence. But is it FATE?

Naysayers would tell you that you can read whatever you wish into the past~ but when I compare many charts and many events, they lay out distinct patterns in everyone’s charts. That’s when I start believing the validity of the patterns and the practicality of using astrology to predict probabilities for the future.

I know certain astrologers believe that our personality patterns are somewhat ‘fixed’ by our natal chart and that if we continue in acting out our programmed behavioral patterns, we will walk right into the events that the stars predict~ and fall. I’d like to think we have more wiggle-room for choosing our own destiny, but sometimes, I’m not so sure how much influence we have over scenarios that are set up for us. The best we can do is to walk onto the scene dressed appropriately.

I don’t think the stars compel our fate, but there is a sort of ‘pattern to things’ that’s like listening to variations on a theme, in a musical composition; You can tell its there but you don’t know how it will resolve each time. It’s why I believe in astrology and have a metaphysical perspective about ‘creating our own reality’. I believe we can create a better outcome when we are informed of the landscape that lies ahead of us and have an accurate weather forecast.

I like digging for these archetypal patterns – to me there IS an underlying shape, structure and pattern to it All…which explains to me life’s meaning and the lessons we’re here to learn. I go everywhere with my eyes open for it. I feel very excited, a tingly contentment, when I discover new patterns. Even the ones I can’t yet verbalize. I can find them most easily in astrology.

I know “meaning” changes based on one’s Perspective of the Moment, so I try really hard to stay in Higher Self’s perspective as a Detached Observer to have a better experience~ especially if I know it may be something trying that I have to endure, (like the potent energies we are experiencing right now between the outer planets’ call for revolutionary change – it’s like knowing conditions are right for an avalanche; we can survive by knowing where the snow is loose and avoiding walking that path.) That kind of viewpoint really helps to change hard lessons into ones that teach me something and gives me a strategy to use events to my advantage rather than become overwhelmed by life’s storms and snowy conditions. If I understand that everything I experience is for the growth of my soul, then I can more easily accept lessons that seem harsh.

Knowing which patterns the planets are setting up is kind of like knowing the weather forecast; knowing that it will be overcast with a 80% chance of snow for the next three days, helps me prepare for possible outcomes by putting on my psychic overcoat – the one with the fur lining!

Astrology is a difficult art and an imperfect science, because it has many layers to interpret, but when I get it ‘right’ I feel like I may have helped someone prepare for possible outcomes. That’s about the best we can do for each other, isn’t it? If we’re all climbing the mountain, and a blizzard comes along, we can shout to others our location and warn them of crevices or lose snow we’ve come across. Eventually we might even discover that they are ahead of us on the mountainside and have put up a shelter for us. We all have a better chance at survival when we share what we know.

Namaste’ to climbers of all kinds~

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Determined Optimism – can it be learned?

“Smash my optimism into a thousand pieces! I will get up tomorrow and put on the face of a warrior. Because I am determined that the Universe wants us to be happy. Yes. She really does!”

The happiness I’m talking about is not the roses and bubbles and pink sunsets kind of happy. In fact, ‘Happiness is Bullshit’ was my argument just the other day; seeking it out is a waste of time and effort! Even if you reach your goals you will still feel empty at the end of the day and have to find new goals to strive toward. Happiness must be recognized in the moment; Now, I chose to be Happy. And Now. And Now…and then be reflected upon at the end of the day. With repetition, it can build new neural networks in the brain and affect changes within the Spirit.

Happiness is a byproduct of doing what you love, being true to your path and giving of yourself. But I believe “To Be Happy” is the essence that we are All seeking in life: and our desire, to be able to sigh at its end and think, “YES!”

Happiness entails being seen, heard, understood, loved, validated and belonging. Knowing our place in the tribe and contributing to the success of society validates one’s ego~ but we can’t depend on others to provide the basis for our internal contentment, because even with another, we are essentially alone in our Self.

Happiness that comes from within is even stronger than that. The Happiness of the Spirit appreciates beauty, truth and nobility, even in the midst of chaos and destruction~ recognizes and honors courage, even in the face of pain and death ~believes kind actions will one day create lasting change for the betterment of mankind~ and allows grace to flow to and through its Self. That is the kind of joy that has no end. It is the lasting joy that serves the Spirit and brings Peace.

Some gather things to surround themselves with; to protect themselves, their loved-ones, their accumulation of other stuff. But in the end, having stuff proves empty. The less stuff you have, the easier it is to focus on what’s real.
Some seek their obsessions; take thrill rides of extreme sports, sex, parties, drugs and alcohol, looking for a relief from their reality. But that’s a short-lived, dangerous path that leads to self-destruction.
Some go after it by seeking within proscribed ‘holy books’ or dedication to charitable causes because it is righteous. Those actions get closer to the essence of the thing, but without selfless intent~ we miss the mark and fall short.

The happiness that the Universe wants us to find is within our Selves. It is the eternal flame that survives death, that loves truly and deeply, without boundaries or conditions. It is more a Contentment. A way of feeling fulfilled. An inner-knowing that you are doing good work that serves the world. Teaching from a base of what you have learned through your own experience, so you know it is true for you and could apply to others. It is recognizing and remembering our True Essence.

Uplifting our fellows and showing them that life is a miracle that must not be squandered is a clarion call to all Spiritual Warriors. Our time here is limited. We’ve come here to learn lessons, to explore and experience, and to become spiritually perfected, so that we can take what we can only learn here and now, in the body, into higher realms of existence when we leave.

We must take off our masks of Personality or Personae to put on a Spiritual Warriors face, our authentic face, so that we can see the world as it is – and allow the world to truly see us. We must listen to our higher mind, and trust intuition to direct our feet in the right direction. We must act from the clarity of a heart that knows it is god-essence.

Sometimes the hardest lessons in life can become our greatest power. When we suffer we learn compassion and empathy. We can take this wound and turn it around in order to HEAL the world! Consider living this way, from your wounds; HEALING others with similar wounds. How uplifting would that be?

If we stay awake and alert, reminding ourselves moment by moment WHO WE ARE we will discover WHAT we’ve come here to do! There will be nothing that we will be able to find, but the joy and contentment of a well-lived and fulfilling life.

We can learn to be happy. By staying present to the eternal NOW. “I AM. Here and NOW. I choose to be my Highest Self. I choose to be HAPPY.” By practicing it like a martial art, staying determined in our center and not yielding to forces which tempt us to forget who we are…the essence of God herself.
Namaste’ seekers ~ Thou Art Gods

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Dark o the Moon – Aquarius

The period of three days surrounding any New Moon is a time to purge, cleanse and renew ourselves and our dreams, so that New dreams may unfold. It’s time to prepare for the show that comes in Springtime.
~Pay attention to what your body and dreams are telling you.
~Meditate in order to explore your psychedelic inner landscape.
~Break the ice, go deep into the dark of your psyche to uncover truths shining under the waters of consciousness.
~Embrace those flames which enhance your gifts and nurture your soul, whatever that may be.
~Pamper yourself with aromatherapy to recharge your batteries during winter’s down-time.
~Relax into the stream of time and allow worries to flow past you, as you heal within.
~Lie back and Allow all of life’s goodness to come to you.
~Smile as you let ‘Calgon’ take you away!

Saturday’s New Moon is 21* Aquarius. The Sabian symbol is a disappointed woman confronted with crisis…but she realizes it’s just a temporary setback. She faces tests of inner strength to learn compassion for herself as well as strategic lessons in self-care. To confront the unknown with courage is a lesson we all face at one time or another. Discovering what best serves our individual needs is an imperative lesson in soul-survival. Don’t think you are being greedy or selfish now. It’s important to honor the temple of the body with conscientious, routine maintenance and to look to our subconscious for guidance as to how that’s done. Without guilt or judgment, do the things that feed your soul and make it sing!

Creating a new self-image would be a perfect Aquarian thing to do. Update your worn-out wardrobe with something hot pink or magenta, find a new piece of funky silver jewelry that expresses your wildness, color your hair purple and let your freak flag fly! Sequins, sparkles and self-declarations are what Aquarian energies beg us to be; Uniquely ourselves!

Any New Moon offers us a time to shed that which no longer serves us, be it ideas, practices or people. So stay fresh, stay ahead of your former circles (if they hold you back), and discover new people who will be more than willing to see you succeed! They are out there, just waiting for you to show up! Take a risk, step out and greet them. Aquarian energies abounding now encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and break free of the chains that have kept you earth-bound by societal norms. Do what you must in order to be authentically and uniquely YOU! Surprise yourself! As SNL’s Stephon would say; Aquarians, “they have everything…!” 🙂

Caring for all of humanity, especially our weakest links, through anonymous, idealistic actions are ways that Aquarian energies are expressed in their highest frequency. Keep your spirit eyes open and look for the glitter in everyone’s soul. It’s there. Maybe your smile will bring it out of them!

At the New Moon in Aquarius place silver on your altar, burn pine incense and purple or silver candles, hold your intention to be true to the new you, and imbue it with the power of your will~ combine it with your pending needs, including that it harm no one, and send your intention out into the realm of Akasha – that dimension of thought where all manifest waits to be borne.
Hold firm your intent. Believe. And prepare to be Amazed!
A New You is waiting to be Born, Sparkle and Shine!
Namaste Brothers & Sisters~

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Imbolc’s stirrings

The Earth is stirring, can you hear it? You have to put away all of your electronics; tv, phones, walk away from the email and the tweets. Walk outdoors. Walk slowly to hear it. Hopefully you will find the sky covered in a soft, grey blanket that will muffle the sounds of mankind…until you can hear the gentle stirrings under the soil.

Its been six weeks since the mania of the holidays has past. Hopefully you have recovered, without falling ill~ which is the case of many who don’t listen to their bodies’ inner voice and keep pushing past their limits – or have overindulged in the temptations of the sweet and sticky.

Six weeks have passed and the time of first evaluations has arrived.
How has your year started? Have you put in place the structure that will serve you? Without judging yourself for perceived failures, what can you resolve to do NOW that will make your life more joyous and easy? Pledge to your Self to do that, and look toward the future with the Sun’s growing light on your face!

Imbolc is the fire festival which marks the first stirrings within the Earth and all its inhabitants. Traditionally, the ewes of the Celtic lands would begin to feel the movements of their unborn lambs and give birth at this time. Imbolc literally neans “in milk”. As the sun’s tilt would warm the land, allowing crocus and snowbells to push forth from under the snow and mouldy leaves, the entire world would recognize the beginnings of a new cycle. It’s the time of a gentle awakening.

It’s time to go within and listen for the still, soft voice of higher Spirit whispering to your Soul. We all *know* what is true, and beautiful and right…it’s just that we tend to hide away from our truth, get busy with sights and sounds of daily life. We tell our Selves that we will get back to quiet thoughts later. But most of us do anything to distract our Selves from our knowingness…in order to make our living in the world, or keep us from facing the shadows hiding beneath our skin.

How about this? Instead of waking to an alarm clock and hurrying about…why don’t you promise yourself precious TIME to lie still and listen? This past Saturday was the Solar date of Imbolc and next Saturday night is the New Moon in Aquarius and the Lunar date of Imbolc. Consider how much a truly *deep rest* could serve you – and help revive you! As you go deep within, visualize all that could BE in your life. Allow your mind to drift into daydreams, picture all that makes you feel happy and secure, pleased and fulfilled. Allow yourself to receive all good things that the Universe has to offer you because the Universe WANTS you to be Happy! Yes, She really does! ~:)

If we only knew how important our thoughts and imaginings were~ we would never embrace negativity again! Thoughts become real by the power we give them, so give your Self only the BEST that life has to offer!! After all, it’s your story, it’s your time to shine!
Namaste’ Be Well~

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