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Aries/Libra Moon in March

FULL MOON ARIES/LIBRA – Our current Full Moon brings with it the revitalizing energy of Spring. Not only that, but the Sun, Venus and Uranus are dancing together at 9* Aries opposite the Moon at 9* Libra, so our watery orb is sprinkling a triune of bright Spring flowers. To which, I wonder, will go the golden apple? 😉
The Ego, the Passions or the Choice usually considered too risky, that of revolutionary change leading to freedom? The Moon touches our subconscious, inviting us to dance with all three, gracefully.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac governs the first house in Astrology, which psychologically, is the Self. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars; ruler of self-assertion, initiates energies and a direct, animal impulses, so this full-moon energy gives quite a firm push toward new beginnings! It brings a clean sweep to dusty corners and throws open the windows that have been sealed up during the cold of winter. It is literally time for a breath of fresh air!

In psychological terms, the Sun also emphasizes the Self, so the time is ripe to take a new look at your Self. It’s time to create healthy boundaries and begin projects that you will be responsible for this year. It’s time to plant seeds, literally, of root crops and metaphorically to plant seeds of hope and renewal. We are encouraged and aided by this zeitgeist to live with the intention of becoming a shining version of our Higher Self. It is time to Know and to Dare; to vocalize our wish for it to begin to come true!

The combination of Uranus’ Higher Self energy combined with receptive, feminine energy of Venus encourage us to be open to the gentle wisdom of cooperation, compromise, and nurturing energy that envelops all beings into the circle!
The three planets Sun, Venus and Uranus together, open up avenues of Self discovery, especially that of discovering esoteric elements within our Selves, awakening! This transit may begin a movement of revolution towards ushering in the Age of the Feminine Principle and a return to balance, individually and within our society, if we can each tame the ego’s wants and dare to follow our hearts highest desire of brotherhood and equality.

Planets found in the first house of one’s natal chart indicate what type of native energies a person will exhibit to the world…which explains our basic temperament and how we individually forge ahead through life. Now is the time to strike~ because the iron is hot!
However, we must remember that no one exists independent of others. The ‘male’ energy of Mars needs to be balanced with the receptiveness of the ‘female’ energy of Venus. Venus’ energy tempers the rash, aggressive energy into that of assertion, which is a better way to have our goals met.

Mars’ opposite, Venus, rules the seventh house in Astrology~ governing relationships, partnerships and open enemies. Be sure that the actions you take don’t harm the happiness or freedom of others and plan accordingly for success.
Sing praises of all the things you are grateful for and bathe in this glorious first moon’s light! Namaste starbrights

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Spring Equinox 2013

This week marks the Spring Equinox where the Sun moves into the sign of Aries the Ram. New energies are bursting forth, awaiting expression~ just as sprouts are pushing up the soil toward the sunshine.
The phrase “Ready, Fire, Aim” is appropriate now as Mercury just turned direct on the 17th. Words held back may begin to fly as tongues are loosed. Plans once thought risky may be instigated now. Communication *should* improve however, the Asteroid Hades conjuncts the Sun on Wednesday the 20th as well. Emotional dishonesty and addictive patterns may be brought to the fore- allowing for clear insight, especially around home and security needs. Be ready to honestly face those chains you put on yourself that hold you down.
Thursday the 21st Venus enters Aries, the sign of assertion and the Moon enters fiery Leo, so you could expect to hear refrains of “I am woman, hear me roar…”
The most important conjunction that we’ve felt for a long time, however occurs at 2:17pm Eastern, when angry Mars intersects planet of Chaos, Uranus. Expect the unexpected; fireworks, explosions, possible electrical power outages, satellite malfunctions or flight delays. This energy stirs up radical thoughts and contrary opinions. We could come to new paradigms of understanding especially if the net goes down!
As the next day, Saturday the 23rd, signals the appearance of Asteroid Pallas Athena, great strategist and Goddess of War, I’m thinking that something monumental may be occurring politically which forces the masses toward knee-jerk reactions.
Strap yourselves in, it may be a bit of a bumpy ride~ wheeeeeee!

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Honesty: for soul clarity, peace of mind, less stress, better health & quality of life.
Besides, its easier than remembering what you lied about 😉

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