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Nurture Self & Others at the Autumnal Equinox


The Full Moon in Pisces represents the balance between the emotional desire to be of service, giving of the Spiritual Self to the community at large, while the Sun lies in the realm of Virgo, the Great Mother, who gives practical nurturance to the body and cares for material needs to those close to her who petition her by name.

The Archetypes of Mother Mary and her son, Jesus, are invoked at this Full ‘Harvest’ moon.

Farmers used this extra bonus of late night light to gather in the last of the growing crops in order to prepare for upcoming Harvest festivals that predated Thanksgiving feasts. Many cultures have similar in-gathering ceremonies at this time.

Pisces represents Spiritual giving, as demonstrated in the miracle of the loaves and fishes, to all, regardless of age, sex, class or need. Virgo represents the Virgin Self, which pulls close to heal the body in quiet solitary places away from crowds and noise. Virgo calls us to put emphasis on bodily health, cleanliness, stocking up for the winter and safety. It is a good time to do a body cleanse; to rid the body of toxins through fasting and detox diets in order to boost immune systems for the colder season. Of course, be practical, and check with your Doctor before starting any health regimen.

It is a time for clean starts, new projects of long-term endeavors – especially social ones. It’s a good time to make new friends, order books and supplies, restock pantries and join groups that will keep your interest year round.

We are to be busy as bees collecting the last vestiges of pollen for the honey that will sustain us over the winter months. We are also urged to give away, as Native First Nation peoples did at this time through the Potlatch ceremony, in order that the tribe continue to flourish during times of hardship.

It would be a great time to go through your wardrobe and donate that which you haven’t used lately and clean up the garden for winter. Remember to weed, prune and mulch after the Full moon’s social activities are over.

Namaste’ busy beeeeees. 😉 ~K

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