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Scorpion New Moon November 11, 2015

Underwater cavern in green and black

Secrets Untold

The New Moon in Scorpio brings a rebirth of the Spirit – which can finally break free of the turmoil of the past year’s parade of eclipses.
Scorpio, ruler of the 8th house in Astrology, governs death, sex and taxes…dark secretive information that could bring down those who have skeletons hiding in their closets. (Think of John Boehner, and wonder WHY he recently stepped down as US Speaker of the House?)

This traversing through the muck has allowed us to purge ourselves of the residue that clings to us and keeps us bound to the past, even if it is to our detriment. To pass through a New Moon in Scorpio allows us to finally, once and for all, be rid of the debris that chains us to situations that no longer serve our highest interests.

It’s time to wash our collective selves free of the past and begin anew.
Go into your deepest self via meditation and get clear about what you really, really want.
Now is the time to claim it!

We have a few weeks to consider our New Year’s Resolutions….but get prepared, because this year we will have a walloping great energy to make monumental changes!

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