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New Moon in Capricorn


Capricorn is the sea-goat, a mythical creature of pilgrimage, who charges us, “Together let us seek the heights and depths of our true selves.”
The goat is as feisty as Aries but with a subtlty of the sacrificial Picean fish, so it creates a seeker who wishes to create new traditions that serve ALL THE PEOPLE. Outwardly, they may appear rigid and inflexible, but inside, the sea-goat wishes to stretch all the bounds, restrictions and rules. Ahh, such conflict; will it drive or stall out?

Tearing down and rebuilding paradigms and creating new systems for things to last over time- These are the callings of the Capricorn energy. Now is the perfect time to brainstorm new ideas, create new groups that will work for Empowerment of the self as well as for action toward Social Justice and Liberties!

David Bowie, an icon and figure of his own making, and remaking – was born and died under this constellation. He pushed society into places they were uncomfortable considering until these barriers broke down and allowed more freedom and outward expression to become mainstream.

And, as Martin Luther King, Jr, another Capricorn, encouraged us a generation ago – lets build a dream of a free and equal society together. Today our challenge is for equal pay for equal work, healthcare for all, maternal leave, protection from corporate slavery and equity of wages. If we have integrity, we will elect representatives who work to better society without regard to their own ego or pressure from lobby groups. The only person that truly fits this bill is a man of remarkable integrity and a long history of doing the best things for his constituents; Bernie Sanders. May we find and elect only those truly called to PUBLIC SERVICE to work for us as ‘We the People. Onward!

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