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Leo Decan I

As the SUN moves into the constellation of LEO July 22, we see the emphasis change from the watery CANCER into the first decan fires of LEO. This is a signal that the recent nurturing period will provide us with enough confidence to surge ahead courageously into the next phase of embodiment of our power. It’s up to us to decide how best to use this fiery energy.

The ancient symbol of this decan is a flaming beacon. A lighthouse, perhaps. As it calls us, we have to focus this attention into something providential for all humanity. Like a rush of blood, this energy flies from our heart into our head, giving us the final boost that propels us to shore. We will soon be tested by fire, in that we must decide to use this energy to move minds forward or retreat to the sidelines burnt by its force.

My advice is to “Go for the GOLD!”. Now is the time to reach for that gold ring, and take the opportunity at this corresponding NEW MOON at 0* Leo, to set dramatic intentions for the next 150 days. As Saturn rules this decan in a fire sign, we see that the projections we make now turn into gold by December 21, when the Sun rules the last decan of Sagittarius. Review what you most need and then commit to manifesting it, now. This is a key period to manifest our deepest desires!

Reviewing the Sabian Symbols of this decan we find the keywords; Ambition, Epidemic, Independence, Quest, Legacy, Hive mentality, Applied Astrology and Revolutionary action. It’s in our best interest to join with others in focusing our intention on heart-centered action. Doing so will bring the fire of revolutionary spirit together in cooperative zeal. We must create a new, passionate movement of exalted ideals that serve all, rather than those with which we exist today.

The corresponding Tarot card in my deck, Five of Fire, depicts 5 bees working together in the spirit of cooperation and the keyword is COMMITMENT. Five is the number of man-kind. Now is the time to rise above our individual needs and work toward a goal which serves the needs of our world-wide society. Individually, we can take this Call to Action to use our voices, joined together into a great r-r-ROAR!

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Cancer Decan III

Wednesday, July 12, 2017, marks the movement of the Sun into the third Decan (10 day segment) of the Astrological Sign of Cancer. The image for this time period, taken from Austin Coppock’s “36 Faces”, is ‘The Overflowing Cup’ and the Tarot Card associated with it is the 4 of Cups/Water.

In my upcoming Tarot deck, the “9 Key Tarot”, the 4 of Water is an image of an Ibis and it’s reflection, in the murky twilight sky. This waterbird pauses before his last catch of the day, to observe the natural cycle of sun moving into evening. Traditionally, the symbol of an overflowing cup is ‘Luxury’ – as the saying, “My cup overfloweth.”

It’s a good time to stop and make declarations of your gratitude for your sense of abundance, especially around those things which fill the well of your soul. But it also can be a time of overwhelm, where so many things are calling out for your attention that you just want it to stop!

The 4 of Water/Cups is where we come to an impasse on our uphill climb to the peak, toward the 10 of each suit. Pausing to reflect on the dog days of Summer is what this week is about.

What are the goals you have set forth for this Summer season? Have you been to a reunion or spent time enjoying the water and the warmth of the sun with your family? Have you decided to take better care of your health and imbibe in organic greens and cold watermelon?

I’m in the midst of clearing out dross from my office…this includes purging myself of papers stored from long, long ago, sorting and reorganizing what is still useful and can be of immediate use. It’s the way my organizing specialist, Lisa Sulgit, of “isimplify”, has had me look at my possessions; “Either love it, use it, or pass it along so someone else can use it.”

Those things that have outworn their value, or are no longer necessary for me to refer to while writing or creating art will be donated, recycled or trashed. Doing this kind of physical purging really helps me clear my head and I find new ideas springing up already! I plan to have ‘stations’ in different parts of the room so that I can attend to the myriad of interests I have with more FOCUS on each one.

This kind of purging really helps! Try it, now that the Decan of Cancer 3 energy moves you to PAUSE & REFLECT. Namaste’
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Cancer Decan II

As Chiron, the wounded healer stations to go direct on July 1 we also enter into the second dean of Cancer, the walled garden.

Tarot associations with this time period are the Three of Cups, Synastry, Joy and Cooperation, overseen by the nurturing matron, the Queen of Cups.
This is time to review your sense of intimacy, vulnerability and the amount of joy you allow into your life, or block, based on your beliefs of safety and security.

Intimacy requires a certain vulnerability. In order to thrive in a relationship, both parties must consent to honoring the other’s truth and continue to hold space for honest communication of feeling, thought and expression. Chiron, the wounded healer, is reflected in the skies as moving backward now, so we have an opportunity to reflect on what has wounded our psyche and where we carry our emotional blocks.

It would be well to pause for a moment on these early Summer nights to remember old flames and lost loves and send them feelings of peace and closure in order to heal old emotional scars. As you forgive and bless the other you are actually healing yourself, because forgiveness heals you by releasing the hurts that you unconsciously hold.

I am reminded of the celebrity of Marilyn Monroe. Her highly crafted personnae of female vulnerability oozed with sex appeal, yet in her daily life she was insecure and controlled by managers who didn’t allow her enough freedom to escape the harsh lights of fame. Her brief life reminds us of the damage that can be done when we do not create firm boundaries around our sense of self.

We all need to create personal boundaries in which to protect our most delicate truths and mature to the point of using wise discernment about whom to share these truths with. Between the wall and the garden is the balance we must find in order to allow in the gentle gardeners of the soul. Allow those who stand at the gate and knock, if they truly resonate with your spirit…but beware the wolf with sheep’s clothing.

A short ritual for healing; Light a candle and imagine an old flame. In your mind’s eye, see the threads that connected this relationship at one time being neatly cut and retracted. Rub your palms together and place one on your heart and one on your solar plexus to heal places that may have emotional energy leaks. Then take a shower to rinse off any emotional residue that may otherwise get stuck in your auric field. Dab a drop of rosewater on your heart and smile. This releases toxic emotions and comforts your soul. It also blesses and heals the greater good of all concerned.

The past week may have brought a new awareness of ‘true love’ by way of a Summer crush or you may have deepened your appreciation of a long-time partner. May this week give you a chance to grow in both wisdom and discernment during this period of early Summer.
Blessings to you and a basket of goodies for your loved ones~

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