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Pisces Decan ii – 9 of Water – Illusive Happiness

The Illusive Hunt for Happiness

The Second Decan of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and growth. When placed in the Sign of Pisces, one can imagine an endless sea full of all sorts of possibilities and opportunities.

This is why many Tarot cards are labeled ‘Happiness’ either at this Decan or the next. But consider the concept of being a fish swimming in a school. Sure there is strength in numbers, but is there individual freedom of choice? Do any of the fish have an opportunity to grow and flourish as unique beings? Or do they mindlessly follow every twist and bend established by the lead fish? Would they even know if they were being led astray; into the gaping maw of a whale, for instance?

As a human, we often follow the same instinctual paths when it comes to our emotional life. We are raised in collective school situations and indoctrinated with our often provincial social programs. We feel powerful and popular if we happen to swim at the leading edge of the group for a time, but we may never get to know what the TRUTH of our inner Spirit is crying out to express.

When we go along with the crowd, THEY will mold our psyche and inform our consciousness. It’s only when we break away from these restrictions that we, as individuals, begin to blossom and shine in our own right!! Dare to be original and shine in your own awareness!

~Besides, as we eventually discover, that Happiness itself is elusive and fleeting. Why can’t we rather embrace the small things in life as ‘pleasures that bring joy’ and embrace them, even as we are aware that they are fleeting?

Can you grow your inner Self to the point of releasing your instinct to grab hold of Happiness with both hands? The answer is YES, when you do the inner work of INTROSPECTION. Look within to notice what Triggers you and how you unconsciously REACT. Can you step away from conflict, pause, breathe, center your energy and re-examine WHY you want to react with anger? If you will do this work to discover your initial programming as a child, you’ll see what expectations you have of others that are self-centered and based on worn-out expectations.

Learning to accept the TRUTH of any situation is hard work. But it’s very worth the time spent in Self Discovery. Get curious about your instinctual PATTERNS. Ask yourself Why you are angry, annoyed, frustrated or upset. Listen for the answers from your inner voice and analyze it. How old is this voice? Is it a voice from someone else? Is it a worn-out voice from your past that you can release in order to acknowledge and accept the present?


Try allowing the joy of the moment to bless you and move along? I think people would learn to be less proprietary about ‘having’ and more open to ‘experiencing’ life, love and all good things, be more optimistic and open to diverse thinking and acceptance of everyone~ if we could engage with the flow of Happiness rather than the impossible task of holding onto it, forever.


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Pisces Decan i – Saturn builds Resilience

Saturn Builds Resilience

February 19

Pisces is the sign of Spirituality, Sacrifice and Service to higher ideals. When we’ve been through trauma and our hopes are dashed we can remember that we have an eternal flame that acts as an internal resilience that holds us together, even through the world may crumble around us. This is the eternal flame of SPIRIT within.

In 2021, this week features great change, and each day has significance; Monday-President’s Day in the US, Tuesday-Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday-Lent begins, Thursday-Sun enters Pisces , Friday-Decan change to Saturn ruled Pisces i, Saturday-Mercury stations direct.

Besides the typical calendar dates of change, Saturn meets up with Uranus for the first of three meetings this year on Wednesday, February 17. The second date is June 13 and the third is December 24th. Whatever happens in February, spells out the theme of this entire year; Time and Change. Disputes most likely will rise at these times and we must release old ways and work to create change that serves us all.

Keywords are; Authority, Humanity, Shifts, Rules, Regulations, Responsibility, Sudden Change, Electricity, Lightning, Upset, Chaos, Striving, Wisdom, Understanding, Rebuilding and Renewal. Tensions will grab everyone’s attention and we will know what is UP by the end of this week. It may be chaotic, but we can always find inner peace at the hub of the wheel, the quiet refuge in our soul center.

Like a beaver entering its lodge and ‘holing up’ during bad weather, we too can claim a time of peaceful reverie and rest during and after times of extreme stress or natural disasters. Beavers store up food for winter and are well insulated against seasonal cold. We would be wise to look to these resourceful creatures for clues to a life aligned with nature.

Strength of soul can be found in stillness, when the noise of the world becomes too much. Sanctuaries have forever been a place of refuge and spiritual restoration. As we go into the world alone, we are tested. Overcoming these trials gives us fortitude and strength to face other challenges along our way. We can rest assured that our home is where our heart resides, when we become comfortable in our own skin. Challenges allow us to discover hidden reservoirs of strength and faith in ourselves.

During this decan, create a safe place to use as a touchstone for pause and reflection. Visit it often for rituals that sustain and revive your spirit. Reflect on the gratitude for all you have, count your blessings and know that there is a Spring that arrives in two more decans.

I hope you’re all staying warm enough and surviving this extra cold weather. Namaste’

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Good Orderly Direction – Moon in Aquarius – Decan iii

Good Orderly Direction, GOD, is in all things. If we look and listen with hopeful eyes and ears we will be led by the higher angels of our soul. This ‘instinctual’ spiritual reflex can be linked to our Intelligence Quotient as well as Emotional Quotient.

A Killdeer lives in harmony with the Earth and takes advantage of her surroundings. With quick thinking, the instinctual mode of survival kicks in, as the Killdeer ‘pretends’ an injured wing.  This way, she will lead predators away from her precious eggs!  A self-sacrificing mother’s actions will help guarantee the survival of her species.

In the same way, Officer Eugene Goodman of the US Capitol Police did much the same, in protecting the representatives hiding within the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. He ‘led’ rioters away from the vulnerable entrances to the Senate chamber which, no doubt, saved many lives. Now a month later, we are learning how brave that was. Obedience to sacred duty lies in the heart, the way courage, confidence and dedication do. These are virtues worth cultivating, these are honored traditions which serve the Greater Good of All.

The Moon in the last Decan of Aquarius holds high ideals. You could say these virtues are embodied in the spirit of the Adventurer, who is home anywhere on Earth.

Practice daily connection to the Divine, so that when you are in a desperate place you can call on your angels and guides to show you the best path to take. Divine Source will inspire your wits when you need to be shown the way. This is a practice of faith in action that becomes a habit of confidence. May you ever walk in LIGHT. # Namaste’

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