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3 Brain Theory

My studies of Jewish Kaballah, Astrology and theories of conscious proposed by George Gurdjieff, have convinced me that we have three ‘brains’ in our human blueprint; the Head, the Heart and the Gut. These are found in the horizontal pairs of sphere of the Kabbalah glyph which work together.

The most commonly understood ‘brain’ is in the head, with its left and right hemispheres that sort input and turn it into understandable information. In my Kaballah studies, I discovered that the right lobe of our brain can be associated with Uranus, and receives input from Source that is experienced as unity. It then works with its partner, the left lobe of the brain, associated with energies of Saturn, which sorts that input into logic, reason and words.

Through personal experience with cellular gut healing that rid me of ‘brain fog’, I believe that our lower, animal brain, resides in our Gut and transmits biological information to the head (aka monkey) brain via chemical messages. It relays information to and from our cerebellum, and brain stem. This is what we try to calm using meditation.

Our third, Central Brain, resides in our Heart, and transmits energies of Love or Fear throughout our bodies. This Heart-centered brain sends and receives vibrational frequencies, stimulated by the Pituitary and Pineal gland, aka the Anja, or third eye. These frequencies have been measured to have been received as far as 50 yards, in a radius to other sentient beings, who can pick up on them, via a sixth sense of receptive knowing.

I believe that this ‘lost’ year of 2020 has provided us with the quiet time needed to meet and recognize our quieter, right brain. The pandemic allowed us to experience the feeling of unity within all sentient beings and to become aware of global suffering and fear.

2021 brings three exact squares between Uranus and Saturn that will give us a chance to view more closely, the nature of our Consciousness. It’s possible to become aware of the evolutionary SHIFT; where the receptive YIN Right Brain energy once again can rise to its place of equality to our YANG Left Brain energy. If we can balance this understanding with the Heart-wisdom of LOVE it will be a great leap forward for our 3 brain system’s evolution. It’s an exciting prospect!

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