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Autumnal Equinox

Mabon cornucopia
Harvest of Replenishment 2021

The old English word for the Harvest tide is Mabon. It is the original ‘Thanks giving time’.

We just saw the appearance of the ‘Harvest Moon’ in Pisces and have reached the point of Autumnal Equinox; the balance point between the amount of daylight and darkness. This is a time of celebration and rejoicing at bringing in ripe, tender crops before the frost. Pumpkins can wait until the last harvest.

In the year 2021, we may feel a bit thin inside, if even a bit overstuffed outside. We have all suffered the collective trauma of a worldwide pandemic and are in recovery mode. Our baskets feel understocked. Our workforce is understaffed. But we still have a fire inside that can be stoked to burn more brightly.

Self-care must now turn toward the goal of collective survival. If we put aside our differences, and open our heart, we will notice where we can be of the most good in our family and community circles. Make progress where you live. As you look around at all you have to appreciate, also note who and what needs help. It’s time to step up;

~Call your Representatives to pass the ‘For the People’ Act so that our nation’s basket can be refilled and our people can begin to build back better. This will do the most good on a large scale. On the small scale;

~Reach out a helping hand. Smile and talk to those you pass on the street. It may be the only voice people have heard in a long time. Be courteous to everyone around you. Hold a door, lift a load, carry a shared burden.

~Donate however you can from your resources, time and energy to any who are still suffering.

~Add to the joys of others and your heart-basket will feel more full.

We are all One. Namaste!~

Harvest Mabon Self-Care Compassion Harvest Moon

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