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Welcome 2021 – Create A Renewed Heart!

~ Let all who have understanding, REJOICE!

OFFERTORY PRAYER PSALM 51: As I prepare to receive communion with Thee, Spirit,

CREATE in me a clean heart, O God (2F) Mars in Aries                  Resolve

and RENEW a right spirit within me. (3F) Sun in Aries                    Essence

CASTE me not away from Thy presence (4F) Venus in Aries         Ego Patience

and TAKE NOT thy Holy presence from me. (5F) Saturn in Leo    Containment

RESTORE unto me (6F) Jupiter in Leo                                             Expansive Joy

the JOY of Thy Salvation (7F) Mars in Leo                                      Gladness

and UPHOLD me (8F) Mercury in Sagittarius                                  Faith

with Thy Free Spirit (9F). Moon in Sagittarius                                 Freedom

Amen. (10F) Saturn in Sagittarius                                                         So be it!

IF you have ever wondered about the parts of mass, consider that there may be sacred metaphysical secrets buried within this once Latin chant, only understood by clergy, and found in the Tarot. Today you may have more understanding about how to take the first step toward approaching the Creator. Now is the time for preparation and purging, cleansing and renewing of intent. If the Spirit moves you, meditate upon the meaning of this Psalm.

December 30, 2020 is a time for endings and new beginnings! ‘Namaste’

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Things you’d never expect to discover~


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