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Virgo slips by…

As the last few days of Virgo pass from the blazing heat of summer into a more mellow warmth of Autumn, the afternoon reminds us that the wheel of the year is indeed turning. Leaves turn color~ the air grows crisp…

The first leaf fell onto my head playfully as I sat enjoying the breeze yesterday. I smiled, remembering~ as if it were a message from a departed friend, to breathe deeply and experience all things with the awareness that time itself, is fleeting.

Live Large! Today is where we live & love, in fact, it is all we have! ~Namaste’

Posted in Uncategorized by kalin on September 17th, 2012 at 8:44 am.

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  1. Absolutely takes your breath away when you think about the time and season’s fleeting…. incredible turn of words my friend….

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