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Astrology is a study of the movement of planets and asteroids through constellations. It is based on observation of the skies above with events that occur on Earth below in a regular, predictable fashion. An excellent book that explains this historical phenomena in modern language is Richard Tarnas’, “Cosmos and Psyche”.

There are currently 9 Planets (including Pluto the minor planetoid) and 12 Western Constellations. The constellations are put into ‘Houses’, or standardized places, of 30 degrees each.

People and events have Astrological birth charts, aka Natal charts. The time of one’s birth, or event in question, dictates the number of degrees visible above the Eastern horizon. We call that spot the Ascendent degree. This dictates the layout of the 12 ‘Houses’ where constellation ‘Signs’ are located. Each individual has a unique natal chart that is used against the constant movement of the planets from a rotating Earth.

Luckily, today we have these pathways calculated and they can be found in ephemeris’ and online. So that puts the complex field of Astrology into the hands of anyone, much like a weather forecast. If you know it’s likely to rain, you’ll take an umbrella or wear a hat. If you see blue skies in the Summer, you may head to the beach.

You don’t have to understand HOW Astrology works but know that it CAN be learned. You don’t have to ‘believe in’ Astrology. It is a cyclical explanation of preordained movements in our Universe. Once you learn how it works you will be able to see for yourself; it describes the type of energetic nature, of small periods of time on Earth, delineated by the relationship between planets.

It explains many useful tendencies and characteristics of human behavior and events. In this way, predictions of events can be seen through a mirror darkly. It is up to individuals to take personal responsibility for how they choose to react to this ‘inside information’. One can avoid pitfalls and losses if they learn to live in harmony with natural forces and cycles. One gain also mastery over their lives, through the spiritual maturity that comes by living with awareness of a larger picture, and one’s place in it.

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