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The Tarot cards were first devised as a gambling game for royalty in Florence in the 13th century. Some speculate that it contained hidden, archetypal symbols that were later used for divination, meditation and self-reflection.

A Tarot deck has 14 cards , numbered 1-10 and 4 court cards, in each of 4 suits. These cards tell a tale of everyday life events with 4 social classes; Royalty, Military, Priestly and Business classes. These are called the Minor Arcana and the Court cards.

There are also 22 cards of a 5th suit, the Major Arcana, that overpower the lower cards in taking points. This suit of ‘Triumph’ cards once represented the images of the Christian ‘Triumphal Parades’ of Medieval Europe, which were held around Lent and Easter. These cards indicate moral messages that lead one toward salvation via the Christian ethos. With the advent of early psychology, these came to be interpreted as a path toward ‘Individuation’- finding one’s path in life.

My Tarot deck features Animals that are native to North America. I have drawn them to be non-threatening and each indicate an underlying energy or moral quality based on observation of animal behavior. Matching human events and emotions to animals may help people who have been traumatized, by helping them verbalizing their emotions, rather than becoming triggered by images of people in social situations. It’s my hope that counselors can use these cards with any age client to start conversations in therapy.

These cards are also helpful learning aids to the many metaphysical systems that inter-relate. My “Mystic Keys Tarot” has been created to include an Astrological calendar, Kabbalistic hierarchies and letters, the Runic alphabet and Numerology. Personal study guide workbooks (PDF format) will be provided on-site for you to dive deeper into your studies of any or all of these intriguing paths found in the “Mystic Keys Tarot”.

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