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The Kabbalah is a symbolic system that explains the mystic side of Judaism. Used as a visual aid for learning important concepts over the millennia, the teachings are sacred and were, until recently, only available to married men over the age of forty. This was because older men were more likely responsible persons who had reached a level of life experience and maturity. They would have been finished raising their families, so they’d have the time to devote to spiritual study without distractions of the world. Today we ALL have access to this wisdom knowledge.

Kabbalah means ‘Received of God’. When you break the word in two, you see the letters K, B, L. Kab; the open palm, which indicates “received”, ALA “of God”; Allah… (altho no one spells it this way.) The Kabbalah was originally written during the Abrahamic period, that was pre-Christian, pre-Muslim and proto-Judiac.

My understanding of this system is non-denominational, since its message can be received by ANY who delve into it with righteous intent~ much as Buddhism can be practiced alongside any religious belief.

Kabbalah is a way of understanding and could become a bridge between religious divides of the world today!

I received my teachings from Rabbi David Engber, a Rabbi of the Reform Jewish community. The teachings of Reform Judaism are liberal and accept the idea that Kabbalah is a living concept who’s meaning can be understood in modern terms. The basic tenets are that balance is required in every construct; male/female, black/white, and positive/negative. There are both aspects in everything, and “there is no place where God is not.”

Kabbalah, like Astrology, is a very complex path of inquiry and meditation. To be able to dive into understanding its depths, you must have immense curiosity, dedication and humility. You must also be flexible, open minded and excited about self discovery…if you meet these requirements, you are prepared to receive!

Shalom, come in peace~

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