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(Classes are currently on hold for 2020)

I encourage self-empowerment and have led many spirituality groups to this end, both in person and online. I believe that a peaceful and happier life is possible when one can discover and stay in their spiritual center – even in the midst of emotional upheaval.  Resilience and Optimism can be learned. Neural networks can be rebuilt. It requires self-discipline, faith and focus, but is achievable!

As a Unitarian Universalist, I am open to many ideas and worldviews because I see similar threads of truth which run through various religious traditions. My classes are for both the interested beginner wishing to sample Esoteric Spirituality and for more advanced students of traditional Metaphysics. I encourage people to “Know Themselves” in order to grow into a mature, awakened Spirituality which affords a life of contentment and satisfaction.

I encourage people to look within, and integrate their ‘shadow side’, using Jungian psychology and the courage of a Spiritual Warrior. This introspective work is done privately, by you- I’m just the facilitator who asks the right kind of questions. I have researched and integrated many spiritual traditions for over thirty years, and offer classes in my own modern adaptation, which combines ancient esoteric studies with a modern philosophy.

I’m currently developing a series of workbooks called, “Integrated Spiritual Practices”, which combines many of my favorite studies with Jungian psychology and my own TAROT DECK! This class will assist people to better understand themselves, their motivations and work through their psychological blocks, in order to co-create the life of their dreams! I’m also creating a Tarot deck to help people conceive of the Universal principals that need to be understood for greater personal clarity.

Past Classes

*VENUS RX SHADOW WORK – Oct 5 – Nov 15, 2018 This online presentation is FREE and lasts over the period in which Venus moves retrograde in the sign of Scorpio~ It’s the perfect time to look within and shine some light on the hidden aspects of your Self! Look on the blog ‘MUSE-INGS’ page to see updates every other day. Get a journal and add your name/email to our list in order to follow along with this class information. FREE for now~

INTEGRATED SPIRITUAL PRACTICES – 8 classes // Feb 3, 2016 – March 23, 2016
Introduction to KABBALAH, CHAKRA ENERGY WORK, ENNEAGRAM PERSONALITY SYSTEM; A step by step process for Self Awareness, Personal Growth and Empowerment. Ancient wisdom for today’s lifestyle.

MODERN TAROT PATHWORKING – 22 classes // April 6, 2016 – June 22, 2016
Spiritual Warriors are introduced to the tools by which to slay their Dragons using a process called Shadow-working; an advanced class in introspection, unearthing hidden beliefs, discovering inner harmony using archetypes of Tarot on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life – In a Unique, New way

The Artists Way Book Group by SKYPE – Saturdays 13 weeks, August – November 2016. Develop a strong creative practice in all aspects of your life by using this classic workbook with an online support group.

Meeting Your Muse – 1 hour ‘hands-on’ introduction to personal creativity.

Intuitive Astrology – 6 class introduction
Introductory class; Students learn Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects and Transits. Each student receives tutoring on their own natal chart with instruction as to how to interpret future transits for themselves.

Archetypes of the Tarot – 13 class seminar
Symbolism of the Major Arcana of Tarot is introduced to modern audiences using situations from daily life.

Personal Alchemy – 6 class seminar in raising Energy Vibration
Practical exercises and daily practices.

Contact me: Kalin@KalinArtAndSpirit.com

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  1. Hi Kalin

    Came here today via a link I received in a recent Google+ email received due to my following you from another place.
    Your site looks a great place & covers topics which are close to my own heart. I have saved your site amongst my favourite places so that I may return later for closer reading at a time when I am able to give my full concentration as is deserved .
    Love Today x Tina

  2. kalin

    Hi Tina, If you’d like to read my current “Shadow work” postings send your email address to KalinArtAndSpirit@gmail.com and I’ll send you the password! I haven’t figured out how to otherwise keep bots/spam from my site so this is the fix I came up with.
    Oct 5 – Nov 15 is the time Venus is retrograde in Scorpio so it adds to the energy of doing this reflective Tarot meditation “Shadow work”. I’m glad you found this site!

  3. kalin

    I’ve decided that the best way I can ‘Teach’ is to write.
    So there will be a wide range of Metaphysical workbooks for sale here soon.
    Kaballah, Astrology, Tarot, Hebrew, Runes, Enneagram/Myers Briggs, Numerology, Chakras & Shamanic Animal Totems.
    Stay tuned~

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