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Archangels– Non-physical entity energies that act as liaisons between realms of being.

The four well-known are Raphael; East, mind, inspiration. Michael; South, willpower, action, defense. Gabriel; West, Emotions, relationships. Uriel; North, safety, protection, material world.

Centering– a short exercise wherein you visualize yourself as a vertical member of an equal-armed cross between Heaven and Earth, and all directions outward on a horizontal level. To discover yourself centered in the Universe and in balance with the elements of Self is the goal of living in awareness each moment. From this center point, you will find inner stability.

Correspondences– the vibrational nature and character of things as best described in words.

Deity– Usually conceived of as the personification of Universal energy, or dynamic creative force, with manifestations that direct, guide or create all things via thought energy. Occasionally, called upon in as a historic avatar; Lord/Lady, Krishna, Pan, Kali, Diana, and the like.

Elements– Originally conceived of by early Greeks as the 4 building blocks of creation; Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are found, as metaphors and in some cases, actuality, in all things.

Elemental correspondences– Air relates to mind, Fire to will, Water to emotion and Earth to the body and physical manifestation.

Grounding– to release excess energy from your auric body back into the Earth by visualizing it flowing out of yourself via your feet into the ground.

Seven directions– North, South, East, West, Spirit Above, Earth Below, You at the Center of the Universe.

Shadow– the hidden, repressed or unseen part of the Self that lives in the subconscious and directs much of our reactionary behaviors.

Programming– the initial perceptions we receive as children that are held in our subconscious and affects all areas of our lives without our conscious awareness.


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