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Recommended Reading List – Links

The following books are highly recommended:


Astrology and Aptitude- Kim Falconer – Reference guide to career counseling using natal charts.

Astrology Bible- Judy Hall – Condensed reference. All Astrology you need to know. Portable size.

Astrology of the Moon- Amy Herring – The Moon’s influence in every Astrological sign.

Secret Language of Astrology- Roy Gillett – Gorgeous graphics, complete information on reading your natal chart.

Spiritual Astrology- Jan Spiller & Karen McCoy – Clear, insightful ways to use natal chart toward personal growth.

Everything by Steven Forrest, Jeffrey Wolf Greene, Mark Jones, Chris Brennan and Austin Coppock.


The Enneagram Book- Susan Reynolds – 9 Personality types. Interpersonal relationship keys.

Enneagram Transformations- Don Richard Riso – Condensed version which explains basics. Very valuable.

Personality Types- Riso/Hudson – Primary guide to Self Discovery by leaders in the field.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram- Riso/Hudson – Spiritual & Psychological Growth using Enneagram personality typing.

Making the Gods Work for You- Caroline Casey – Elements of the Psyche explained using Mythical Planet Personnaes.


The Artists Way- Julia Cameron – Creativity as a Spiritual Path. Excellent guide/workbook.


The Crystal Bible- Judy Hall – Condensed reference. Practical application of Mineral resonnance. Portable size.

Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic- Scott Cunningham – Excellent encyclopedic information. Collectable. Buy used.

Love is in the Earth- Melody – A compendium of resonant mineral energies minerals & their application.


Kabbalah for Health & Wellness- Mark Stavish – Basics explained well, using Graphs, Diagrams, Hebrew translations.

Personal Kabbalah- Penny Cohen – Pathworking exercises using links between Sepherot.

Sefer Yetzirah; Book of Formation – Translated by Rabbi Abraham



Be Your Own Shaman- Deborah King – Rapid Personal Transformation techniques.

Shamanic Journeying- Sandra Ingermann – a Beginners guide to traveling into other worlds.

The Four Insights- Alberto Villoldo – Native wisdom from the Americas presented for the Western world.

The Chakras in Shamanic Practice- Susan J. Wright – Primary explanation of the body’s energy centers.

The Way of the Shaman- Michael Harnden – Classic regarding altered states of consciousness.


Tarot for Beginners- Barbara Moore – Practical first steps toward understanding Tarot.

Tarot for Yourself- Mary K Greer – Workbook for personal transformation.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tarot- A Tognetti & L Lenard – Concise compendium of information.

Tarot Made Easy – Nancy Garen – Multiple interpretations of each tarot card, spreads & symbology

78 Degrees of Wisdom – Rachael Pollock

Holistic Tarot  https://www.amazon.com/Holistic-Tarot-Integrative-Approach-Personal/dp/158394835X – Benebell Wen


You Can Heal Your Life- Louise L Hay – Physical Healing begins with the Mind. Simple processes for most ailments.

The Book of Secrets- Deepak Chopra – Collection of wisdom neatly packaged and enjoyably readable.

Wisdom of the Elements- Margie McArthur – Allegorical explanation of Mind, Will, Emotion, and Body.

ANYTHING by Deepak Chopra, Scott Cunningham, Barbara Moore and Ted Andrews.

EFT Handbook; Emotional Freedom Technique – Nick Ortner

EMDR Essentials- Barb Maiberger –  Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing technique for trauma.

Accupressure for Emotional Healing-MR Gach & BA Henning – Self-care guide for healing trauma and stress.

Essential Reiki- Diane Stein – Primer on basics and practical application of Reiki.

Soul Mind Body Medicine- Dr Zhi Gang Sha – Simple, practical steps in healing Body/Mind/Soul.

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